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Dear Author,

 First of all, I should just let you know how awesome you are for offering one of these fandoms. I didn’t request a lot this year, but the ones I did ask for are all fandoms of my heart! Thank you so much for offering to write for them; I can already tell that I’ll love whatever fic you come up with.

 Secondly, all these prompts are just suggestions! I’d be super pleased with whatever fic you want to write about them. If you have a story that you want to tell, go for it! The more fic these awesome ladies get, the better. In this letter, I go a bit more in-depth on what my prompts are and also generally talk about what I like about these characters/fandoms, so feel free to ignore this letter altogether. I tend to ramble on. Also, at the bottom of each section I put down some ships – feel free to ignore them too!

Likes: Anything family – fluffy, dysfunctional, unorthodox. Characters being genuinely good people. Characters being manipulative, power hungry assholes. Anything that plays with the way the character thinks, including mind control or mutations or other sentient beings talking in their head, and how the characters deal with it. Time travel. Epistolary fics. Worldbuilding. Character studies. Meta. Canon-divergent AUs! Political intrigue! Horror. Humour. Casefic. Crossovers and fusions. Mythology! History! Allusions, complicated situations, characters being badass while emotionally messed up.

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Of Warmth

Mar. 3rd, 2013 01:36 am
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Name: Of Warmth
Fandom: Red vs Blue
Wordcount: 711
Summary: Junior has a nightmare. What makes a real family, anyways?
Notes: Shameless fluff. Also, #JuniorInS12 is my demand.

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Dec. 22nd, 2012 12:54 pm
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Name: Surrender
Author: perfidiousfate
Fandom: Red vs Blue
Wordcount: 605
Summary: Five times Church gave up, and one time he didn't.

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