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Dear Yuletide Writer

Dear Yuletide Writer,

I'm not very good at writing letters, I think, so please bear with me. First things first: thank you for writing for me! The mere fact that you share my love for one of these tiny fandoms already means that you are an awesome person who is going to write a lovely fic. So that being said, please don't stress out about it - I'm very easy to please, and above all I'd like you to have fun writing your story!

With that in mind, I wrote a (rather long) letter with some prompts and general musing, but I'm A-OK if you decide to go in a different direction on any of these! I'd rather you write a fic that inspires you than one catered to my tastes. Also, this letter mostly just elaborates on my feelings for these characters and a bit on my prompts - you don't need to read it if you don't want to!

I'm PerfidiousFate on AO3, and while I also have a tumblr, I'm really terrible at keeping it updated.

Likes: Slash, het, femslash, poly, gen. (I'll be equally happy to get any of those!) Anything family – fluffy, dysfunctional, unorthodox. Characters being genuinely good people. Characters being manipulative, power hungry assholes. Anything that plays with the way the character thinks, including mind control or mutations or other sentient beings talking in their head, and how the characters deal with it. Time travel. Epistolary fics. Worldbuilding. Character studies. Meta. Canon-divergent AUs! Roleswap AUs! Political intrigue! Horror. Paranoia. Humour. Casefic. Crossovers and fusions. Tropey fics. Zombie apocalypses. Post-apocalyptic worlds. Mythology! History! Allusions, complicated situations, characters being badass while emotionally messed up. Interactive fiction would also be awesome.

I should also note that, completely by accident, I nominated three canons with significant twin relationships, and I would be completely okay with incest for any of them.

Dislikes: I was going to put up 'suicide' here, but then I realized all my fandoms are pretty dark (and two have either canon suicide or attempted suicide) so I'll specify instead - I'm okay with it if you write about suicide, but please warn for it if you do, and I'd prefer if it wasn't glorified.

Anything else goes!


Sonoda Arisa, Uehara Tsubasa, Manabe Akira
Ahh, Arisa. I really love how the vividness of the emotions in this manga, whether it's the bond between Arisa and Tsubasa or the raw pain Tsubasa felt when Arisa was in the hospital, or Manabe's devotion to Shizuka. Honestly, anything with these characters will make me happy! I really enjoy genuinely good people teaming up to take names and fight for justice, so Tsubasa and Manabe continuing to be total badasses would be awesome. Or, how does the dynamic between the trio evolve post-canon? (I would not be opposed to an OT3! Or any combination of ships, really.) Arisa's relationship with her mother post-canon is also of endless fascination to me, so I'd love to see that explored! Or what about a roleswap where Tsubasa went with her mother? How did she deal with Arisa's class? Or what if Tsubasa had died in that explosion, how would Arisa have dealt? What about Manabe post-canon, how does he go back to normal life? What does his relationship with the class like, after all the shittyness he'd seen them do?

I'd also be more than fine with any compelete AUs! Superhero AUs, zombie apocalypse, in SPACE, me what these characters would be like, and I'm sure to love it!

I was rereading Arisa recently, partly because I wanted to write this letter, and again I was struck by just how much I like this manga. It's a typical suspenseful story with secret identities, high school classes, and shadowy villains, but it doesn't pack its punches emotionally. All the characters - Tsubasa, Arisa, Manabe, Kudou, Midori (!!!), Shizuka, Mariko, everyone really - are complex as fuck in terms of motivations and actions, and while the narrative redeems most of them, it doesn't excuse them. There's a lot of really gripping moments in the story that make me hurt in a good way, like Tsubasa being worried that she's the reason Arisa tried to kill herself, and Shizuka descending into more and more rage as she's outclassed, and Arisa's secret of being incredibly lonely, and Manabe struggling between his loyalty to the people he loves and what he thinks is the right thing to do.

So because of that (and the fact that they're all genuinely really fricking good people), I love all the nominated characters a lot - Tsubasa, Arisa, Manabe. Tsubasa is a delight to read about, because of how determined and selfless she is, and her temper (she is The Demon Princess!) contrasted with how much she wants to be cute, and the fact that she's always doing the right thing no matter what. I adore Arisa for being the nicest, gentlest, sweetest person in the world who wants to do her best with everyone, but also for having her darker side, the one that struggles with loneliness and depression and guilt. I'm super fond of Manabe, and how he seems like such a stand-offish rebel (who's possibly the King!) at first, but how he turns out to be very, very loyal and brave. tl;dr They are good kids with issues and I like them :D On to the actual prompts!

I'd love to see something post-canon. Tell me about Arisa and her mother's relationship post-canon, after it became obvious how wounded Arisa was. How does they relate to each other after certain revelations? We see them trying to mend their relationship, but how does it work out for them in the end? Good people teaming up to fight for justice is apparently one of my wants, so Tsubasa and Manabe teaming up to kick ass and take names would be great. Tsubasa and Manabe's growing trust and friendship makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside (both in a shippy way and in a gen way), so I'd be interested in seeing that dynamic explored! Especially with them being Team Genuinely Good People, along with Arisa! In fact, how do Tsubasa, Arisa, and Manabe get along? They all developed separate relationships with each other - how do they work with all three of them? Is it awkward? Does someone feel left out? (I mentioned an OT3 in the prompt, so I'll just...mention it again).

If you'd like to go on a darker route, I've always wondered about Arisa joining Midori after she wakes up - didn't she realize he was trying to kill Tsubasa? So it'd be really interesting to see what happens if Tsubasa did die in the explosion - how does Arisa deal? What does she do?

On a similar vein, you may have noticed me effusing over how good of people the core three are. That's because in contrast, pretty much everyone else in the universe is kind of an asshole. While that seems to be a running theme in this manga, and most of them end up redeemed in some way, shape or form, I can never get over how much pain some of them cause - especially Arisa's class as a whole. They are genuinely creepy at some points, and while a lot of that is due to the King's/Midori's manipulation, I'd be really curious to see that explored some way. How do they deal with the terrible things they've done? I mean, they tried to hide a body at some point. How do Arisa and Manabe get along with them afterwards? Especially Manabe, who seems less inclined to be forgiving. How does he go back to being a normal pupil? And I know at the end of canon the class is disbanded, but I'd really like some closure on the class thing! Maybe a class reunion?

My (not so) secret weakness is canon divergence AUs, and you could make a bunch of different ones for this. For instance, what if, when their parents got divorced, Tsubasa went with their mother and Arisa with their father? How do their personalities change? How does Tsubasa deal with her new class? What if King time happens anyway?

Also, Arisa's relationship with Midori is something I'm very conflicted over. It makes sense, why they love each other, but it is so deeply fucked up on so many levels. If you could explore that, that could potentially be really interesting too, although I'd prefer it if wasn't all fluffy.

Finally, I mentioned AUs - that's because with this canon, I think total setting AUs could work really well. Zombie apocalypses, Parent Trap, historical settings, in SPACE!!!, that could all be super cool if you want to write that.

Higurashi (a lot of this is ganked from my RareWomen letter!)
Ryuugu Rena, Maebara Keiichi, Sonozaki Mion, Sonozaki Shion
Higurashi never ceases to make me emotional, and I love all the nominated characters to bits (and honestly, basically everyone in the story), so feel free to do anything with them! I'd love to see a post-canon fic a few years in the future, after this generation grows up - what do they all do? I headcanon Rena as a fledgling detective and Keiichi as a future teacher, but anything would be fine! Mion would be busy trying to lead the Sonozaki, and I'd love to see her deal with that. How does she deal with the politics, and the terrible way they treat Shion? How does Shion deal with it? In a very self-indulgent way, I've always wanted to see them dramatically proclaim their switch, and see how their relatives react. Or what if they'd never switched at all? How would their lives go? What about Mion and Rena's relationship in the year or so before Keiichi got there? They're obviously very close - how did they learn each other's secrets, especially after the trauma of Satoshi disappearing?

And I really enjoy how intense their game competition is, and how they managed to use that to fight. So maybe them dealing with other problems? A zombie apocalypse? Any sort of fight, really. And I love the creepiness of the story enough that I'd adore any fic that describes another cycle!

I also ship Keiichi/Rena like burning, and any combination of Keiichi/Rena/Mion, and also Mion/Shion.

Higurashi holds the dubious honor of drawing me in so much I had bad dreams for the entire week when I was watching it. (When I played the game, not as much, but it still creeped me out!) That in itself was a huge plus, since I don't often get scared when watching things! But besides the creepy psychological horror factor, I fell in love with everything at once - the setting (a peaceful village with a past!), the possibility of demons, the time loops, and most of all, the characters. I love that the characters seemed so quirky and normal at first, but they all turned out to have deep, dark secrets and tragic past. I love that they're all capable of being wonderful and funny and sweet, and terrible. I love the strength of their friendship, even when they all fall apart each cycle, and the terrible loyalty that leads them to kill or hide bodies for each other - and eventually, that leads them to fight for their survival.

Rena is hands-down my favourite character in the canon. I really liked how throughout Higurashi, she goes from being this sweet girl to a creepy hatchet-wielding murderer to, well, Rena – this girl who’s brave and sweet and clever and stands up for her friends and wields a hatchet and is very damaged and independent and cynical. (I may or may not have too many feelings about her). All in all, I think she’s a super complex character, and any fic that explores all her contradictions and quirks would make me super happy.

I mentioned maybe writing during the year before Keiichi came to Hinamizawa – that’s because it’s an interesting time for Rena, emotionally. She’d still be recovering from all the trauma of her past, as well as getting used to not suffering from Hinamizawa Syndrome, and would be getting used to hiding herself under a cheerful demeanour. Her becoming friends with the club would also be fun to see, and especially how her friendship with Mion develops. As for the detective idea, it’s basically exactly what it sounds like! The idea of Rena maybe joining the police department and becoming a badass-yet-sweet detective and maybe investigating more Hinamizawa Syndrome cases while dealing with being an adult and the perpetual craziness of the club just sounds really fun.

One of my favourite aspects of Higurashi is the identity porn between Mion and Shion! Especially how hopelessly complicated it got. Mion being happy and Shion being sad and the way that simple concept influences both of them so much is something I wish was explored even more than it already was! So I would love anything that deals with the messed-up identity issues they have. What makes Mion Mion, and what makes Shion Shion? An exploration of all their complicated feeling towards one another and their own identity and their mutual friends and especially their family would be really great.

Mion taking over the Sonozaki family and dealing with family politics and the existence of Shion making things awkward would also be really cool! I’ve always wondered how she was going to deal with being head of the family, especially with her loyalty to her sister. What about the darker aspects of her family, like torture and kidnapping? How do Mion and Shion deal with it? And, in a very grudgy way, I always wished to see a scene where Mion and Shion reveal their switch-up to the Sonozaki family, and how their family (especially their grandma) react, and start treating them differently (or don’t). An AU where they didn’t switch places, and how different (or similar?) they would be is also something I’m curious about. (I also would absolutely not object to messed up confusing Mion/Shion incest.)

I hold a ridiculous amount of affection for Keiichi, the magician of words. He's loyal and clever and pretends he's meaner than he really is, and he values his friendships a lot. I forgot to give prompts for Keiichi in the official sign-up, oops, but he's one of my favorites so I'd be thrilled to get a fic about him. I mentioned that post-canon I see him being a teacher - I think he'd be really good at it, because he's good at explaining things and getting people motivated, and getting people to like him. Still, you can do whatever! It'd also be interesting to explore him after his graduation - he's the most academically motivated of the bunch, and though he's relaxed some since going to Hinamizawa, he still holds ingrained ideas about going to a good university and so on, even though he obviously can't. Does he struggle with that? Does he struggle with his parents because of that? I also really love Keiichi's relationships with everyone, so feel free to write about anything.

More generally: I could only nominate these four characters, but I love everyone in canon! If you write me a fic about Satoko or Rika or Satoshi, or hell, Ooishi, I'd be pleased as punch. You can’t go wrong with a “[Character] remembers the cycles!” fic. I really like the idea of repeating cycles and interesting time things in general, and I just really like the idea of the character(s) remembering everything that happened in the cycles. It's touched upon in canon, but I'd love to see full-on remembering - how do they deal with what they’ve done and what they’ve watched their friends do? One of my favourite scenes is Rena and Keiichi’s rooftop fight – I’d love to see them react to that. Or Shion dealing with everything she’d done, especially to her sister. Anything! Aftermath of any given cycle would also be great - I've always wondered how terrible it must have been for Keiichi's parents after Onikakushi, when they've realized their son killed two of his friends and then himself. Zombie fics would also be acceptable, because zombies.

Also, all these prompts are fairly gen but I'd be totally down if you wrote a shippy fic.

Sound Horizon
Elefseus, Artemisia, Leontius
My favorite thing about Sound Horizon is the fate vs free will aspect, and how it shapes and defines every character's lives - so for this, I'd love to see that played with! What if Elef died instead of Misia? What if Misia had ended up with Milos as her mentor, while Elef ended up with Sophia? Hell, what if their powers were switched? If you're not up for that, Elef and Misia's relationship makes my heart hurt, so anything about the bond between them would be awesome! Or an elaboration on any of the canon periods - how did Elef organize the slave rebellion? How did Misia relate to the women on Lesbos, or the courtesans? What about Elef as a slave? And let's not forget about Leontius - I'd really enjoy any look at his life as a commander, and his complicated views on life and death. Or, what if he'd found out about Amethystos being his brother before it was too late? Hell, it'd be really cool to see what happens if the prophecy never existed and the three siblings grew up together! Or what if he sees either Elef or Misia as slaves and for some reason decides to free them? (/the fix-it fic of my heart)

Of course, the last track implies that Elef and Misia (or twins like them) are going to be born again. I'd love to see your take on what happens with that story!

Moira is actually the first one of Sound Horizon's albums that I fully listened to, and it's still one of my favourites. The English translations of the lyrics can be found here, under the name Moira, if you need a refresher! As I mentioned in my prompts, I'm endlessly fascinated by the fate and free will aspects of the story. Elef and Misia's entire lives are shaped by this conflict which they never asked for (Thanatos and Moira), and Elef's descent from Elef to Amethystos to Thanatos' vessel is chilling. Plus, this story has plenty of mythological references and really badass music, and both of those things are my jam!

Continuing my theme of sibling relationships, I really love how close Elef and Misia are, and the fact that they spent their entire lives searching for each other only to miss each other by hours breaks my heart. So anything about them would be great. Them as kids, them as a slave and a trainee courtesan, them as adults...What if they had caught up with each other as adults? How would they begin to relate to each other's differences, and to all the ways their pasts and their talents have shaped and changed them.

If you want to write about them individually, that's also cool! Since Moira is only two hours long, there are a lot of blank spots to fill in. If you want to go dark, writing about their experiences right after their parents' death would be interesting. Elef's time spent as a slave was horrifying - he was a kid forced to work hard while coming to terms with his power to see death and being abused, physically and sexually, by people with power over him. Misia, on the other hand, had an easier time of it until the very end, when she was nearly raped by the corrupt priest. Tell me more about this, how this shaped them! Although please be careful how you treat these subjects (for obvious reasons!)

I'd also really love to see an exploration of Misia's relationships with the courtesans, especially compared with her time on Sophia's island. We saw a little bit of some of their interactions with a young Misia, but I'd be totally down with seeing more. How did she get accustomed to them, what did they teach her when they first got her? The way they trained Misia would be really interesting to see. On that note, I'd love to learn more about either of the twins and their mentors! We only got a song each with them, but Sophia and Milos spent very formative years with them (along with being utterly badass). It'd be interesting to see that explored.

For Elef in particular, I'm a sucker for stories of rebellion and revolution, especially lead by increasingly scary/charismatic individuals, so anything with him leading the slave rebellion would be good. Especially if you go into logistical details of him organizing his army, and the way he managed to motivate them. All the interpersonal and military politics! All of them! I'm also a fan of his relationship with Orion, so it'd be cool to see any aspect of it, whether it's them as kids or grown up. When did Elef first see the shadow on Orion, and how did he react?

I haven't talked much about Leontius, but I'm very fond of him too. General worldbuilding things with him would be awesome too - how does he handle being the prince and leader of all these people, especially with the way he struggles over the meaning of war and destiny in general? What was his childhood like? How did he feel about slavery and the slave rebellion secretly, even if he had to fight against it? I mentioned in my prompt that him rescuing Elef and Misia from slavery is the fix-it fic of my heart, so I'd really love to see that, with all the glorious hurt-comfort that entails. (When would they find out about their sibling ties?) Even if it's not really a fix-it fic, since Thanatos would still be looking to groom Elef to be his vessel...

On that note, I've already mentioned that I think canon-divergence AUs would be really awesome here. To expand on that a little, it's because the entire story of Moira is of Thanatos (and Moira?) manipulating Elef and Misia in order to have a grand battle, and their lives are an inevitable trainwreck - and so I'm really fascinated by all the different ways it could have gone. What if Elef got to Misia in time and died instead of her? How does Misia react? Maybe she too tries to lead the slaves' rebellion - or, keeping in mind her background, maybe she does something with the courtesans instead? Or, diverting earlier, what if Elef ended up at Sophia's island and Misia ended up with Melos? How do their world views change? Or, hell, what if their powers were switched? What if Misia could see the shadows of death, and Elef could read the stars? How would that change the story? Or their relationship?

More complete canon divergence would also be their mother not giving up Elef and Misia, and the three siblings growing up together as royalty (that could be really cool!).

All in all, though, anything would be awesome for this fandom! There's so much blank spots due to length constraints that I would be quite happy to get anything for it. :D
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2014-03-03 01:07 am

Dear Rarewomen Writer

Dear Author,

 First of all, I should just let you know how awesome you are for offering one of these fandoms. I didn’t request a lot this year, but the ones I did ask for are all fandoms of my heart! Thank you so much for offering to write for them; I can already tell that I’ll love whatever fic you come up with.

 Secondly, all these prompts are just suggestions! I’d be super pleased with whatever fic you want to write about them. If you have a story that you want to tell, go for it! The more fic these awesome ladies get, the better. In this letter, I go a bit more in-depth on what my prompts are and also generally talk about what I like about these characters/fandoms, so feel free to ignore this letter altogether. I tend to ramble on. Also, at the bottom of each section I put down some ships – feel free to ignore them too!

Likes: Anything family – fluffy, dysfunctional, unorthodox. Characters being genuinely good people. Characters being manipulative, power hungry assholes. Anything that plays with the way the character thinks, including mind control or mutations or other sentient beings talking in their head, and how the characters deal with it. Time travel. Epistolary fics. Worldbuilding. Character studies. Meta. Canon-divergent AUs! Political intrigue! Horror. Humour. Casefic. Crossovers and fusions. Mythology! History! Allusions, complicated situations, characters being badass while emotionally messed up.

Read more... )