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(Note: this letter is a WIP!)

Dear Rare Pairs creator,

First of all: thank you in advance for your gift! No, really: I'm sure I'm going to love whatever you make for me. I'm so enthused about each and every one of these pairings, and I'd love to see whatever you create for them! In this, I'll go into some detail about prompts, but honestly: if none of them inspire you, feel free to create something that does. If you make something you're happy with, I'll be happy as well.

Some general notes:
Fanart I requested only fanfic because I'm more confident of writing prompts for stories, but if one of these prompts strike your fancy for art, go for it! I love art too.

AUs Also, I tend to focus on prompts that stick close to canon, but I enjoy AUs too! That being said, one of my favorite things about AUs is seeing how people transfer elements of canon to new settings. So like, a coffee shop AU that has Gamma and Omega slowly realize they're AI fragments? Awesome! Victorian AU that has an endless cycle of war and pain and shinobi? Fun! space? I am so there. Honestly though, seeing how different a ship would turn out if X is different is always fun for me regardless, so don't feel too stressed about this!

Ongoing Canons Red vs. Blue and some of the DCU comics are still ongoing at the time of this exchange. I just wanted to note that I'll be following along with them pretty closely, so don't be afraid of putting spoilers in your work! I also generally like new developments (I'm easy, what can I say), so if you're inspired by something that happens in canon after assignments? Go for it! If something really mindblowing happens after assignments, I might edit the relevant section of the letter, but that seems unlikely.

General Likes:
  • I am into all sorts of stories! Plotty adventure fic? Great! Fluffy fic? Fantastic! Fucked-up darkfic? Yes, please! Basically, even if one of my prompts seems like it invites a certain type of story…I would 100% not mind you taking it in a different direction.
  • Tropey fic is good! I love seeing how different characters react to similar situations.Truth serum! Cuddling for warmth! Identity porn! De-aging! Amnesia! Pining! Sharing a bed! Soulmates marks! One of them turning into a cat/dog/lizard/etc.! Groundhog day time loop, or just time travel in general!
  • I love canon-based AUs, like role swaps, canon divergence, etc.
  • I love interesting fic formats! Epistolary is my jam. Anything involving social media or the Internet, I eat up with a spoon. Experimental or unconventional styles? Hit me up! Interactive fiction, I adore with all my heart.

General Dislikes:
  • The trope where the friends of a character take bets on their love life bugs me, so please don’t. (Unless it's for RvB, in which case it seems more likely in canon...)
  • Sickfic in general is fine, but I’d rather not have a lot of focus on terminal illnesses. Serious illnesses where it’s not terminal would be alright, though!


Sayaka/Celeste: I've always been so interested in the sheer determination Sayaka has, and how she can put on a mask when she needs it, and I think Celeste would be too! I love this ship for the sheer potential it has, for how similar and yet how different these two could be. I'd love to see an AU where Sayaka survives longer in the murder game, and how their relationship progresses under these tension-filled circumstances. Something pre-Despair would be fun too - I'd love to see them interacting outside of a school setting! Maybe Sayaka somehow meets Taeko Yasuhiro, and Celeste desperately tries to keep her from realizing who she is? Or maybe they bump into each other at a fancy party.

Junko/Izuru: This relationship struck me because Junko and Izuru both have this intrinsic understanding of each other, and a need to alleviate their boredom, even if they pursue it in different ways. I think they both genuinely interest each other, even if Junko is manipulating Izuru, and I'd love to see that developed more. I'd be interested in seeing them working together in the process of creating the Tragedy: what else does Junko have Izuru do? What do their quiet moments look like? I'd also be interested in seeing Izuru interact with Junko from within a killing game - maybe he's the mole in the original killing game, or he retains his memory in the Neo World Program.

Junko/Mikan: So, this ship is very fucked up and I am very, very interested. I was into it the moment a despairing Mikan began talking about her beloved, even before it was confirmed to be Junko. I'd love to see some more detail on exactly the ways that Junko manipulated Mikan and the ways they interact when they're both in the full throes of despair, more so than the snippets we got in the anime. I'd love to see a slower descent into despair for Mikan too, rife with Junko tempting and deceiving her at the same time. Something smutty for these two would not go amiss, either!

Dragon Age
Gaspard/Michel: I really loved their interactions in the Masked Empire, and how they seemed to get along despite being on different sides. They share a code of honor and genuinely seem to respect each other, and I'd love to see that explored. Maybe they're forced to work together against a common threat again? Or, I'd love to see them post-canon, no matter what choice you go with: maybe Gaspard is exiled and bumps into Michel. Or Emperor Gaspard and Michel on his honor guard! I also am strangely enamored with the idea that Gaspard tries to flirt by offering himself as a reward to Michel for winning the duel, and Michel being completely confused.


More details in my letter! But here are some basic prompts.

Hidan/Kakuzu: The zombie men of my heart! I love these two and their vitriolic relationship, and I'd love to see more in all its fucked up-ness I'd love to see how they first met, and Kakuzu's realization that he can't kill this asshole. I'd love to see them working well together on a mission too, all murder and bickering. An AU where they both survive and are immortal together would be really interesting to see as well!

Madara/Obito: So this is a ship that would be very, very dark. I'm fascinated by Madara and Obito's relationship in canon, and I'd love to see it explored in more depth. Madara seems Obito as a puppet and manipulated him thoroughly, but during the Fourth Shinobi War, Obito seems distinctly unimpressed by him even as they work together. I'd love to see more of their interactions during the war, as they try and destroy the world.

Obito/Zetsu: It's always fascinated me that Obito and Zetsu probably spent a couple of decades where the only people they could truly talk to was each other. I can't help but think that their relationship was probably very intense, especially considering that they seemed genuinely friendly in the caves. I'd love to see anything in the years after Madara died and before canon started. How did they strategize the end of the world? What would a mission look like for them? Maybe Zetsu taking Obito's virginity, because who else would?

Konan/Nagato/Yahiko: The OT3 of my heart! The sheer love that these three have for each other, as children and as adults, broke my heart. I'd love to see more of anything for them: their childhood years, the period after Jiraiya left and before they formed Akatsuki, anything. Alternatively, maybe an AU where Yahiko survived and all three ended up running Amegakure together?

Red vs. Blue

Church/Tucker: So I've been shipping these two assholes for years now, and I'm showing no signs of stopping any time soon. I love how, despite their bickering and mutual frustration, they've been genuinely friends for such a long time, if only united in their mutual frustration with Caboose and, well, everyone else. I'd love to see anything along those lines! I'd adore anything with Alpha Church in particular . Some ideas: maybe something set way back, maybe even before Caboose showed up, where they were the only two blues: how did they grow closer? Something with Church struggling with his foggy memories and the body he was in would be cool. Or maybe something post-S5, before everyone was redeployed, bonding over the grief of losing Tex and Junior. Or maybe more of Tucker and Church trying to deal with Junior when he was just born? Something set during Church's time travel phase would be fun, too! If you'd rather go with Epsilon Church, I'd love to see more of Tucker getting to know Epsilon back when he was still confused and going off Caboose's memories. Something during the period they were fighting would be great too. It'd be fun to see more of Church being Tucker's AI - how weird is it for them to adjust with Church being in Tucker's head? Or, what if Church took a look at Tucker's porn collection before deleting it? Or hey, maybe a fix-it where Alpha and Epsilon are both around and meet each other and how Tucker deals with that.
Doc/O'Malley: So these two are probably my favorite part from the early seasons! I loved each and every single one of their interactions - how it starts out so very unequal, but ends up in a weird kind of partnership. Doc genuinely seemed okay with letting O'Malley share his head! And they influenced each other too, from O'Malley's defensiveness of track to Doc developing a temper. In general: I love, love love love, body sharing as a concept, so I honestly would really like any story that explores the intricacies of sharing your mind with someone so different for them. How do they become accustomed to it? What does Doc's mind look like? How do you navigate a relationship with someone who lives in your head? Or, what happens if Doc and O'Malley do take over the world? (This question haunts me.) I'd be really happy with something that runs with their canon interactions and bickering (with extra points for Lopez), but I'd be interested in a more serious story, too. Omega's seen some shit in his time - what happens if Doc finds out more about Freelancer and what they did with Alpha, and O'Malley?

Wyoming/Gary: I am basically sailing this ship by myself, but I just love these two so much. I'm just so interested in how their partnership came about - Wyoming is a bounty hunter and Gamma is Deceit, but somehow they became, like, the best partners ever (with the best knock knock jokes around!). Gary is one of the few AI who changed his name because of his partner, and his heartbreak at Wyoming's death seemed so genuine, even though he's meant to be deceit. Their dynamic really appealed to me, and if there's one thing I wish I could've seen more of, it's them working together. How did they become close? Maybe even trust each other, above all else? I'd love to see something on that. Or maybe the growing pains of having a computer in your head.
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