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Dear Chocolatier,

First of all, I would like to say this: if you matched me on any of these relationships, you are awesome. Clearly, you have great taste, and I am 99% sure I am going to end up loving whatever I get.

I tried to write a few prompts for every relationship, and these are things I'd be interested in seeing, but these are only suggestions – if you have an idea, go for it! I'd love to see it :D And please don’t get worried if some of these prompts are longer than other – I genuinely am really excited about all these relationships! Some of them I just have more concrete ideas on than others. Some of them, I ran out of time on, as you, uh, may have noticed.

I also struggled to make this letter readable and not just a mess, but if you have any questions or would like more prompts or whatever, please feel free to ask.

General Likes:
• I am into all sorts of stories! Plotty adventure fic? Great! Fluffy fic? Fantastic! Fucked-up darkfic? Yes, please! Basically, even if one of my prompts seems like it invites a certain type of story…I would 100% not mind you taking it in a different direction.
• Tropey fic is good! I love seeing how different characters react to similar situations.Truth serum! Cuddling for warmth! Identity porn! De-aging! Amnesia! Pining! Sharing a bed! Soulmates marks! One of them turning into a cat/dog/lizard/etc.! Groundhog day time loop, or just time travel in general!
• I love canon-based AUs, like role swaps, canon divergence, etc.
• I love interesting fic formats! Epistolary is my jam. Anything involving social media or the Internet, I eat up with a spoon. Experimental or unconventional styles? Hit me up! Interactive fiction, I adore with all my heart.
• I’ve written a few letters over the years, so if you want any more general likes, you can see some of my past letters! (this letter is getting kinda long, anyway...

General Dislikes
• The trope where the friends of a character take bets on their love life bugs me, so please don’t.
• Sickfic in general is fine, but I’d rather not have a lot of focus on terminal illnesses. Serious illnesses where it’s not terminal would be alright, though!
• This isn’t a hard dislike per se, but I’d rather not have any mundane AUs, e.g. high school, coffee shop, etc. I don’t hate them, but they’re so popular I’m a little weary of them. (AUs where Internet interaction is a vital part of it is an exception. I love those.)
• I’d rather not get NSFW – it’s alright if it’s within a longer fic or important for the story,, but full disclosure, I tend to skim smut for characterization and dialogue. So yeah.

Danganronpa - All Media Types
This is my newest fandom on here, and I’m very much in the honeymoon phase with it right now! I would love to get something for this, since I adore the characters and the plot so much. I really liked the themes, too – hope and despair and bonds, and the way the characters dealt with grief and paranoia and grew closer together despite of, or because of, the tragedy they dealt with.

Note: this is a fandom I’d rather not get AUs for (I just enjoy the setting so much!) unless they’re canon-based, e.g. canon divergence, roleswap, etc. Although I don’t mind non-Despair AUs, as long as Hope’s Peak still exists.

I also use localization names here since that’s what I played, but I am 100% okay with it if you prefer to use surnames and SHSL instead! I do prefer Genocider Syo to Genocide Jack/Jill, though.

Mioda Ibuki/Pekoyama Peko

They didn’t get much time together in-game, but I fell in love with the ship at the coconut splitting event. Ibuki just being in awe and developing a crush on Peko, and Peko being awkward about it, was just really cute! And I just think they could have really interesting interactions together. I was really disappointed when I couldn’t find much fic about them, so really anything would be great!

• Ibuki pretty heavily flirting with Peko, and Peko either not realizing or just straight-up panicking because this has never happened to her, how do you deal with this?
• I really like Ibuki's Free Time Events with Hajime – what kind of things would she do with Peko? How would she try to make her smile?
• Pre-despair Ibuki and Peko – how would they get together, if they would at all?
• Despair!Ibuki and Peko! I’m always super keen for Remnants of Despair interactions. As dark and fucked up as you want. Black humor would work too! Or, what do Remnants of Despair/ex-classmates even talk about when they randomly cross paths? Is there a class e-mail list where everyone keeps in touch?

Kuzuryuu Fuyuhiko/Hinata Hajime

Fuyuhiko’s character arc throughout SDR2 was one of my favorites, and I grew really attached with his and Hajime’s friendship. I just like the way they gradually become closer, and I think they would be really interesting if they got together. Plus, not gonna lie, I like both their forms of snarkiness.

Note: while this is by no means necessary, I would also absolutely not mind Hajime/Fuyuhiko/Peko.

• I loved Fuyuhiko’s Island Mode ending, with him bullying Hajime into joining the yakuza. Something where Hajime joins the yakuza as Fuyuhiko's right-hand man/brother?
• However brief it was, I liked Natsumi and Hajime’s bond! How about an AU where she doesn’t die and they become really close friends? And Hajime doesn’t become Izuru and instead ends up meeting her main course older brother.
• Alternatively, after Natsumi’s death Hajime is grieving and ends up bonding with Fuyuhiko.
• I really appreciate post-SDR2 fics, with the survivors waking up and having to deal with their past as Ultimate Despair, and what had happened in the simulation. How do they deal with their different memories and maintaining the relationship despite all the shit that happened?
• Just something about the way they get together – who gets a crush on whom? How much do they awkwardly pine beforehand? Anything, really!
• Alternatively, pre-End of Chapter 2, when Fuyuhiko is still an asshole. Angry making out? Hajime somehow becoming friends with this dangerous dude anyway?
• Island Mode! I was always curious why Island Mode Fuyuhiko would be so nice, without Peko’s death to motivate him to change.

Asahina Aoi/Oogami Sakura

This was my first Dangan Ronpa ship, and it still breaks my heart whenever I think about it. I loved, loved loved loved, Sakura and Hina’s friendship and how strong and supportive it was, and I am forever sad about the way it ended. Hina in the trial, and the way she tried to kill everyone for the sake of Sakura, is one of the most emotionally affecting parts of the game for me.

• Fix-it fix where Sakura doesn’t die. Time travel, maybe? The poison she used was only a temporary death? Sakura was secretly a robot all along? Just…please save her. And maybe have the requisite ‘I died and then you tried to execute everyone’ conversation!
• Along the same lines as above, but post-DR Sakura and Hina. What do they do after the killing game? How much ass do they kick as the Future Foundation?
• I really liked their different relationships with femininity and how to be a girl and an athlete, too. Anything that deals with that, with their differences and their similarities and just them being supportive of each other.
• What if they had a fight? No relationship is without its differences! What would they fight about? How would they try and resolve it?
• Pre-Despair! I’d love to see anything of them before the memory wipe. Either as normal high schoolers, or after the world had ended and they were coming to terms to living in Hope’s Peak together for the rest of their lives!

Asahina Aoi/Kirigiri Kyoko

There’s a moment in DR3 where Hina yells out “Kyoko-chan! I’m so glad you’re okay” and hugs her, and Kyoko hesitates, smiles, and hugs her back, and I have replayed this moment so. Many. Times. I just really love what the moment implies – that they’re close and Hina doesn’t mind being cute with her, that Kyoko is genuinely trying to be open and affectionate back, and just the friendship between them as survivors of the killing school life.

• Post-DR1, where Hina thinks that they’re not close enough and is determined to make Kyoko friends with her despite Kyoko’s reservations.

Sonia Nevermind/Souda Kazuichi/Tanaka Gundam

I didn't initially think much of this ship, but the more I did think about it, the more I warmed up to it! I think their dynamic can be extremely interesting, and if Kazuichi tones down on his Sonia worshipping and they all

• I really liked Sonia and Kazuichi as Ultimate Despair together in Dangan Ronpa: Togami (note: I’ve only read the translation so far, and would rather not be spoiled for Chapter 2). They were cute and terrible. So, Despair!Sonia/Kazuichi/Gundam? Cute and terrible like in the novel, or dark and fucked up and dysfunctional!

Kirigiri Kyoko/Celestia Ludenberg

This is one of those ships I enjoy primarily for how formidable both people are, and how intense I imagine their relationship could be. Because it could be intense. Both are smart and guarded, and I think their dynamics together would be really, really interesting to explore.

• Kyoko is curious, and decides to investigate Celeste – and finds our about Takeo Yasuhiro, much to Celeste's horror. How do they deal with the realizations?
• Celeste survives! How does she try and survive in a post-apocalyptic wonderland. Does she join Future Foundation? What does a gambler do?
• Pre-despair - how do they get to know each other? Celeste's 'past' is a bunch of gambling manga references, and Kyoko straight up thinks people don't need to know. Do they become friends, or rivals? How did they interact as classmates?
• Class switch with the SDR2 cast! Junko's class is the one that become Ultimate Despair, and eventually put into the simulation. Despair!Kyoko and Celeste? Yes please. Or how do they deal with being on an island? I can't imagine Celeste would enjoy the beach much. Do the murders play out differently?
• Celeste tries to manipulate Kyoko into being her assistant, for whatever reason. Or she tries to get Hifumi to take out Kyoko, since she's the smart one. Cat and mouse games between two smart as hell ladies!

Fukawa Touko/Naegi Komaru

While I haven’t played DR:AE, I watched a Let’s Play, and aww. Aww. I appreciated their relationship so, so much – the way Touko warmed up to her in a way she hadn’t warmed up to anyone, and Komaru genuinely thinks Touko is super cool, and when Genocider Syo said that she shares feelings with her other self and thus knows how she feels about Komaru. I just really appreciated both of them and how they both grew up and towards each other.

• What happens when they get out of Towa City? Do they try and save another city, or do they try and live a normal life? How do they deal with having an expanded social circle?
• One of them gets hurt in a fight, and the other has to save them.
• I really appreciated Komaru’s relationship with Genocider Syo as well as Touko. So, anything about how to manage a relationship with two different girls in one body!
• What if they stay in the adults’ hideout for a while?
• Komaru writes fanfic about Touko’s books. Chaos ensues.
• Alternatively, Komaru somehow getting Touko into shoujo manga! Just them reading together would be really good.
• Established relationship fic where they have a fight – maybe Komaru is mad about Touko’s behaviour about Byakuya, or Touko is mad that Komaru doesn’t mind Genocider Syo, or they’re just bad at communicating or one of them inadvertently hurts the other’s feelings – how would they deal with that kind of fight?
• Pre-Despair, where Makoto brings his little sister to meet his classmates, and Komaru and Touko meet.

Hinata Hajime/Komaeda Nagito

This was the main ship I came away from SDR2 with, because Nagito and Hajime are complicated and fucked up but genuinely care about each other despite of that. I really like all their interactions, from Nagito’s self-deprecating adoration of Hajime’s nonexistent talent to his disgust when he finds out Hajime is a reserve course student/Ultimate Despair, to his reaction when he finds out Hajime was Ultimate Hope (which we don’t see, but will no doubt be incredible).

I’d rather not straight-up fluff for this ship, because there’s already a lot of it out there! That being said, that doesn’t necessarily mean I’d only want dysfunction and angstiness – just something complicated. Because of that, most of my prompts below are actually just vague dynamics I’d like to see with them.

• Nagito struggling to reconcile his feelings about normal people/reserve course students, his friendship with Hajime, and his feelings towards Izuru is pretty much my jam. Post-SDR2 and Nagito waking up and dealing with all that?
• Similarly, during the trial for Nagito’s death, I thought it was interesting how Monobear talked about their relationship – Hajime trusting in Nagito’s malice, and this being their friendship. Something about that! Maybe Nagito somehow watching the trial, through recordings or whatnot?
• Pre-Despair Nagito and Hajime! Maybe Nagito is mad that Chiaki is hanging out with a reserve course student?
• Just anything where Nagito is dangerous and in love with Hajime and still really determined to be the foundation of Ultimate Hope.

Hinata Hajime & Souda Kazuichi

When I first played the game, I didn’t really appreciate their friendship – but after I went through Island Mode, and seen all their Free Time Events as well as Kazuichi’s ending, suddenly it clicked! I think their friendship is really sweet, and has a lot of complexity to it that people don’t necessarily explore as much as I would like to see, and I would love to see more written focusing on it.

• I still love post-SDR2 fic, after the survivors wake up but before everyone else does – trying to deal with what they’d done as Ultimate Despair and what had happened in the simulation. Trying to reconcile the people they were in the simulation and who’d they become afterwards, and building a friendship again despite being different people. Maybe they’d even met and worked together as Ultimate Despair before – did they help design any of the machines that helped destroy the world? Dealing with that.
• Kazuichi totally ends up building a rocketship, with Hajime helping him out, reluctantly or not! They go to space? I just thought Kazuichi’s Island Mode ending was cute. Maybe even just the logistics of Hajime riding shotgun in every single vehicle Kazuichi makes/
• Post-Chapter 4, where there’s still a rift in their relationship after Kazuichi suspected Hajime – how do they deal with it?
• Kazuichi is still insecure about his friendships, so decides to test Hajime by dramatically changing his appearance so that he can see if Hajime ditches him.
• Hajime really helped Kazuichi out, helping him trust again and hope again and listening to him and all that – in return, Kazuichi totally wants to help out with Hajime’s issues! Whether that works or not, though…
• Pre-Despair! What if they had become friends, too? Maybe through Chiaki, maybe otherwise.

Final Fantasy IV

This is one of the first games I got for my Gameboy Advance, and one of the first games I really, truly loved. (I still have the savefile from my first playthrough, currently in the Lunar Ruins – apparently I’ve played 82 hours and 49 minutes of it, oops. And that’s just one playthrough.) It’s a really fundamental part of my fandom life, and while I haven’t continuously been part of the fandom for it, I have so many nostalgic feelings about it. I’m always really happy to see new fic written about it!

Note: as I implied, I’ve played the GBA version. But I know some of the story they added in the DS, and the After Years, so if you want to include any of details from either of those versions, I’d be alright with it!

In terms of general fic I’d want for it, while I’ve focused on ship-centric prompts because that’s what truly grabbed me when I first played it, I would also really enjoy fic with worldbuilding in it, because I think the setting has a lot of potential. (That being said, I do mention that I wouldn’t mind AUs, and that’s true too!) Or something really atmospheric, about fighting monsters in the Tower of Zot and on the moon and in the underground. Stories that play with the game mechanics would be awesome, too. Maybe something more lighthearted than what I tend to prompt, because after all, the main characters ride a Lunar Whale to the Moon to get crystals, and the main character finds out he’s half-alien.

Golbez/Kain Highwind

This is one of my first slash ships, and probably my first real OTP! Back in ~2005, I used to Google Translate fics from Japanese, so desperate was I to read more. I would go as far as to say that, as long as it’s in a language I understand, I will love whatever I get about this ship.

That being said, there are two different dynamics I like for them: the part where they were villains working together, in various states of brainwashed, and the aftermath where they have to come to terms with their actions.

• Starting to get feelings for each other, but never being certain which of their thoughts are theirs and which are due to mind control. Dub-con ensues?
• Golbez staying on Earth post-FFIV, and hanging out with Kain while they brood about their past sins and their weird, complicated relationship.
• Telling Cecil (and Rosa) about their relationship!
• Body sharing is a trope I love, so maybe something like mind control going wrong and Kain and Golbez having to share a body for some time, and the difficulties thereof? Something like a body swap would work too!
• In fact, I’d love tropey fic for this ship. In my General Likes are some I particularly like, but really, any tropey fic would be really fun for this ship, since it doesn’t get much of it.
• AUs would be cool to see too: Hogwarts, steampunk, historical, space, Hunger Games, meeting online…It’d be fun to see Kain and Golbez’s dynamic in a different setting, so if you have an idea, go for it!

Rosa Farrell/Cecil Harvey/Kain Highwind

Similar to Kain/Golbez above…Rosa/Kain/Cecil was one of my first OT3s! It made me realize the potential of turning love triangles into OT3s, and my feelings for it are still gooey and appreciative. I love the genuine care and friendship all three share, despite everything, and I’m really into them just being very close and understanding each other perfectly and being an awesome team.

• Stories about them growing up! I can’t get enough of them in their childhood, aww. Or maybe even the awkward teenage years where everyone is hormonal and confused!
• Kain getting into a relationship with them and assuming he’d be their dirty secret, but nope. Cecil and Rosa give zero shits about hiding him.
• The complexities of suddenly ruling Baron, and how it plays on their relationship.
• Role swap? Cecil is the one who’s brainwashed and Kain has to try and save the world while batting his feelings. Or Rosa is brainwashed and it turns out she’s under the assumption Kain and Cecil are dating. Or even class swap – maybe Mr. Kain “I have 0 MP” Highwind is an awesome white mage, or Rosa makes a fierce Dark Knight. Anything that plays with their dynamic!
• Rosa and Cecil track Kain down and they all have a long talk, dammit.
• Honestly, I’d love any tropey fic or AU for them too!

Dragon Age

I love, love love love, Dragon Age. I’m pretty sure I’ve put about 500 hours into the series, and will talk the ears off anyone who will listen about it. I am very into the lore and the worldbuilding for this too, and history was my second major (after computer science) and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the codexes, so while I focused on character prompts, anything that shows off more on Thedas would be great!
Dragon Age II was the first one I played, and coincidentally became my favorite – while I put way more time into DA:I, I just really liked the characters and the way they interacted, the bonds they forged over several years, and the general air of tragedy around it. It had my favourite cast, too, which is why both the relationships I requested are coincidentally (?) from this game.

Bethany Hawke & Carver Hawke & Hawke

Familial relationships are my jam, and the sheer loyalty and love the Hawke siblings hold towards each other, as well as their complexities, too, like Carver’s resentment of Hawke and Bethany’s resentment towards their life. I’ve always been really sad about the way they must’ve grown up, always moving, always scared of being found out by the templars, and I think that would’ve brought them closer but also made their relationship weird and co-dependent and complex, too.

I would also prefer default first names for Hawke! Or, my actual favourite, awkwardly avoiding using Hawke’s first name at all, like in canon.

(The two Hawkes I played, by the way, was a mostly purple/blue dagger femHawke who supported the mages, and a purple/red mage maleHawke who was pro-templar and increasingly upset about it. I don’t really mind how you write Hawke, but I’d be extra happy if they resembled my Hawke in any way.)

• Hawke children! Anything from their lives growing up – did Hawke and Carver always fight? How did Carver and Bethany deal with the shadow their older sibling cast? Magic lessons? Hanging out with Leliana or meeting Morrigan in Lothering?
• A whole plethora of canon divergence AUs – what if Bethany wasn’t a mage, and Carver was? What if their father didn’t die, and what if Leandra did? Or, the ever popular neither of the twins die and they both go to Kirkwall with Hawke and get caught up in their shit.
• I really liked the Legacy DLC and what it revealed about the Hawke family – anything with that would be great. Maybe they were attacked earlier and had to find out about Malcolm when they were younger. Anything!
• Good old fashioned time travel – maybe a Groundhog Day loop where one of them tries to save their sibling from death! Maybe post-DA2 or post-DA:I, the dead sibling shows up and meets their several-years older, embittered siblings!
• Carver and/or Bethany die, but they haunt Hawke.
• Honestly, just them as trio, rather than Hawke-and-surviving-sibling would be great. How do they interact? How much ass do they kick as a team?

Fenris/Sebastian Vael

I just...really appreciated Fenris and Sebastian’s every conversation, and the way they quietly became friends. I think their relationship is really interesting, and has potential to be good for both of them - Sebastian is genuinely interested in helping Fenris find comfort in his life, and Fenris is the perfect person to help Sebastian loosen up. I just want to read more about these two interacting!

• Fenris being really determined to integrate Sebastian into their group of friends better, and dragging him to games of Wicked Grace and drinking and so on.
• They do end up giving Anders up to the templars. Shit goes down.
• Fenris takes up Sebastian on his offer to join him in reclaiming Starkhaven. How do they deal with being away from Kirkwall? With Sebastian becoming Prince, and all the responsibilities and sudden social pressures that it entails? I generally prefer the Anders being killed and Sebastian offering aid scenario, too, but especially in terms of Fenris/Sebastian I think Sebastian invading Kirkwall would be really interesting too.
• Trapped somewhere and working together to get out! That is apparently a trope I really appreciate.
• Teenager!Fenris and teenager!Sebastian meeting would be such a mess – I’d love to see it happen. Somehow, someway.


This was one of the first anime I watched with the full realization that it was anime, and so I’ve always had fond feelings for it! The first time I watched it, though, I stopped before Shippuden – but recently I read the manga, and I was surprised by how much I still enjoyed this series! For all its shonen silliness, I appreciated the themes of grief and war and cycles of violence, and the message of hope. And I really enjoyed the characters! They’re very vividly drawn, and I am very fond of it.

Note: as I mentioned, I’ve mostly just read the manga, and watched some of the anime. That means I’ve very little cognizance of any of the filler arcs, and any of the additional material, unfortunately. I have followed the adventures of Boruto somewhat.

Haruno Sakura/Karin

Let’s be real: Sakura and Karin would be incredible together. They’d be sassy and funny and incredibly caring and have the potential to be really, really good together. I’d love to see that potential explored! And I really like the fact that they became close friends post-canon.

• What if they’d met at the Chuunin exam? Would they have become friends, or clashed? Maybe Karin wouldn’t have joined Orochimaru?
• Prisoner situations! Maybe Sakura was captured by Otogakure, and was placed in the hideout Karin was in charge of. Maybe Sakura decided to go visit Karin when she was held hostage by the shinobi forces!
• The first time Karin let Sakura recharge her chakra on her.
• Post-canon getting together – how do they deal with the events of canon? How do they start becoming close? Maybe epistolary letters as they try and keep in contact despite the different paths their lives take!
• Doing a mission together, any mission. Just something plotty and potentially UST-filled and letting them work together and be badass.
• Honestly, I would love tropey fic for this ship too.

Hoozuki Suigetsu/Karin

I’ve never really liked this kind of dynamic – or at least, I thought I didn’t, because I shipped it hardcore from pretty much their first interactions. They’re hilarious, and hilariously awful to each other, and I really like the idea of them hating being part of the same team but secretly growing fond of each other.

• I just really appreciate them working together while fighting, so any situation in which they have to rely on each other while bickering would be great.
• Post-canon – they’re not part of Team Snake/Hawk anymore, but somehow, someway, they always find themselves spending time together or sending bitchy letters to each other or competing for the same mission or ending up at the same mansion.
• The moment one of them realizes they have feelings for the other. That moment would be great. Maybe it’s due to jealousy, maybe it’s one of them realizing they genuinely like the other…something like that!
• Something tropey like truth serum, or finding out they’re soul mates – basically, anything where they realize they have to deal with each other for better or for worse.
• I’ve mostly focused on the funny or potentially sweet prompts for them, but fucked up dysfunctional relationship dynamics would be good too! I love the dynamics of villains interaction, and while they’re not quite villains, they have the potential of doing some horrible things.

Hoshigaki Kisame/Maitou Gai | Might Guy

I hadn’t quite put together that I shipped it until I saw this in the tagset, but honestly – I love Kisame, I love Gai, I loved their few interactions and always wished there’d be more – why wouldn’t I ship them? I think they’d be really interesting together, especially with Kisame being a villain, but not quite as evil as he might like people to think. I’d love to see anything for them, really!

• Prisoner situations! One has the other hostage. Gai is determined to make Kisame good, whoever he is. Kisame is just annoyed, and wishing Gai remembered who he was.
• Shameless fix-it fic where Kisame survives canon – what does he do afterwards? Does he try and work for a nobler goal, or does he continue on continuing on? What does Gai think of this?
• In Rock Lee and his Ninja Pals – an anime/manga I enjoyed thoroughly – there’s a chapter where Kisame and Gai get stuck together and have to work together to get out, all the while not knowing who the other is. I thought that chapter was hilarious and adorable, so anything based on that.
• Similarly to above, what if they met without realizing quite who each other is and hit it off? What happens when they learn about their respective or allegiances? Or, what if they were trapped and were forced to work together to get out?
• Akatsuki wasn’t always obviously an enemy – what if Konoha had used them, as per Pein’s plan, and Gai and Kisame ended up working together?
• Gai infiltrates the Akatsuki. Shenanigans ensue?
• Dark and fucked up and dysfunctional for this would be great, too.

Date: 2017-01-15 03:13 pm (UTC)
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Haven't assignments been out for quite some time by now?

Date: 2017-01-15 10:04 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hi, I'm your assigned writer, and I just wanted to make it clear that the previous comment wasn't from me. Real life comes before fandom, so if RL circumstances are getting in the way of you writing your letter, I understand.


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