Jun. 29th, 2017

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(Note: this letter is a WIP!)

Dear Rare Pairs creator,

First of all: thank you in advance for your gift! No, really: I'm sure I'm going to love whatever you make for me. I'm so enthused about each and every one of these pairings, and I'd love to see whatever you create for them! In this, I'll go into some detail about prompts, but honestly: if none of them inspire you, feel free to create something that does. If you make something you're happy with, I'll be happy as well.

Some general notes:
Fanart I requested only fanfic because I'm more confident of writing prompts for stories, but if one of these prompts strike your fancy for art, go for it! I love art too.

AUs Also, I tend to focus on prompts that stick close to canon, but I enjoy AUs too! That being said, one of my favorite things about AUs is seeing how people transfer elements of canon to new settings. So like, a coffee shop AU that has Gamma and Omega slowly realize they're AI fragments? Awesome! Victorian AU that has an endless cycle of war and pain and shinobi? Fun! Despair...in space? I am so there. Honestly though, seeing how different a ship would turn out if X is different is always fun for me regardless, so don't feel too stressed about this!

Ongoing Canons Red vs. Blue and some of the DCU comics are still ongoing at the time of this exchange. I just wanted to note that I'll be following along with them pretty closely, so don't be afraid of putting spoilers in your work! I also generally like new developments (I'm easy, what can I say), so if you're inspired by something that happens in canon after assignments? Go for it! If something really mindblowing happens after assignments, I might edit the relevant section of the letter, but that seems unlikely.

General Likes:
  • I am into all sorts of stories! Plotty adventure fic? Great! Fluffy fic? Fantastic! Fucked-up darkfic? Yes, please! Basically, even if one of my prompts seems like it invites a certain type of story…I would 100% not mind you taking it in a different direction.
  • Tropey fic is good! I love seeing how different characters react to similar situations.Truth serum! Cuddling for warmth! Identity porn! De-aging! Amnesia! Pining! Sharing a bed! Soulmates marks! One of them turning into a cat/dog/lizard/etc.! Groundhog day time loop, or just time travel in general!
  • I love canon-based AUs, like role swaps, canon divergence, etc.
  • I love interesting fic formats! Epistolary is my jam. Anything involving social media or the Internet, I eat up with a spoon. Experimental or unconventional styles? Hit me up! Interactive fiction, I adore with all my heart.

General Dislikes:
  • The trope where the friends of a character take bets on their love life bugs me, so please don’t. (Unless it's for RvB, in which case it seems more likely in canon...)
  • Sickfic in general is fine, but I’d rather not have a lot of focus on terminal illnesses. Serious illnesses where it’s not terminal would be alright, though!
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