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2017-01-25 02:59 pm

Chocolate Box 2017

Dear Chocolatier,

First of all, I would like to say this: if you matched me on any of these relationships, you are awesome. Clearly, you have great taste, and I am 99% sure I am going to end up loving whatever I get.

I tried to write a few prompts for every relationship, and these are things I'd be interested in seeing, but these are only suggestions – if you have an idea, go for it! I'd love to see it :D And please don’t get worried if some of these prompts are longer than other – I genuinely am really excited about all these relationships! Some of them I just have more concrete ideas on than others. Some of them, I ran out of time on, as you, uh, may have noticed.

I also struggled to make this letter readable and not just a mess, but if you have any questions or would like more prompts or whatever, please feel free to ask.

General Likes:
• I am into all sorts of stories! Plotty adventure fic? Great! Fluffy fic? Fantastic! Fucked-up darkfic? Yes, please! Basically, even if one of my prompts seems like it invites a certain type of story…I would 100% not mind you taking it in a different direction.
• Tropey fic is good! I love seeing how different characters react to similar situations.Truth serum! Cuddling for warmth! Identity porn! De-aging! Amnesia! Pining! Sharing a bed! Soulmates marks! One of them turning into a cat/dog/lizard/etc.! Groundhog day time loop, or just time travel in general!
• I love canon-based AUs, like role swaps, canon divergence, etc.
• I love interesting fic formats! Epistolary is my jam. Anything involving social media or the Internet, I eat up with a spoon. Experimental or unconventional styles? Hit me up! Interactive fiction, I adore with all my heart.
• I’ve written a few letters over the years, so if you want any more general likes, you can see some of my past letters! (this letter is getting kinda long, anyway...

General Dislikes
• The trope where the friends of a character take bets on their love life bugs me, so please don’t.
• Sickfic in general is fine, but I’d rather not have a lot of focus on terminal illnesses. Serious illnesses where it’s not terminal would be alright, though!
• This isn’t a hard dislike per se, but I’d rather not have any mundane AUs, e.g. high school, coffee shop, etc. I don’t hate them, but they’re so popular I’m a little weary of them. (AUs where Internet interaction is a vital part of it is an exception. I love those.)
• I’d rather not get NSFW – it’s alright if it’s within a longer fic or important for the story,, but full disclosure, I tend to skim smut for characterization and dialogue. So yeah.

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