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Dear Rarewomen Writer

Dear Author,

 First of all, I should just let you know how awesome you are for offering one of these fandoms. I didn’t request a lot this year, but the ones I did ask for are all fandoms of my heart! Thank you so much for offering to write for them; I can already tell that I’ll love whatever fic you come up with.

 Secondly, all these prompts are just suggestions! I’d be super pleased with whatever fic you want to write about them. If you have a story that you want to tell, go for it! The more fic these awesome ladies get, the better. In this letter, I go a bit more in-depth on what my prompts are and also generally talk about what I like about these characters/fandoms, so feel free to ignore this letter altogether. I tend to ramble on. Also, at the bottom of each section I put down some ships – feel free to ignore them too!

Likes: Anything family – fluffy, dysfunctional, unorthodox. Characters being genuinely good people. Characters being manipulative, power hungry assholes. Anything that plays with the way the character thinks, including mind control or mutations or other sentient beings talking in their head, and how the characters deal with it. Time travel. Epistolary fics. Worldbuilding. Character studies. Meta. Canon-divergent AUs! Political intrigue! Horror. Humour. Casefic. Crossovers and fusions. Mythology! History! Allusions, complicated situations, characters being badass while emotionally messed up.


I love all three characters to bits and pieces, so I’d be happy with anything! For Rena, I’d love to see a fic about her dealing with her past and the scars it left on her while trying her best to be happy and hide her pain. Maybe set during the year after she came to Hinamizawa and before Keiichi showed up? Additionally, I like to think that she became a detective after the events of Higurashi, so a story like that would be absolutely awesome. For Mion and Shion, I’d really like a fic exploring the two of them together. The messed-up identity issues they have are one of my favourite aspects of the show. Them dealing with Sonozaki family politics would be great, as well as the aftermath of all the terrible ways the Sonozaki family treated Shion. For all three characters, fic where they remember the different cycles, or just a horror-filled cycle itself, would be awesome too.

Hands-down my favourite character in the canon. I really liked how throughout Higurashi, she goes from being this sweet girl to a creepy hatchet-wielding murderer to, well, Rena – this girl who’s brave and sweet and clever and stands up for her friends and wields a hatchet and is very damaged and independent and cynical. (I may or may not have too many feelings about her). All in all, I think she’s a super complex character, and any fic that explores all her contradictions and quirks would make me super happy.

I mentioned maybe writing during the year before Keiichi came to Hinamizawa – that’s because it’s an interesting time for Rena, emotionally. She’d still be recovering from all the trauma of her past, as well as getting used to not suffering from Hinamizawa Syndrome, and would be getting used to hiding herself under a cheerful demeanour. Her becoming friends with the club would also be fun to see. As for the detective idea, it’s basically exactly what it sounds like! The idea of Rena maybe joining the police department and becoming a badass-yet-sweet detective and maybe investigating more Hinamizawa Syndrome cases while dealing with being an adult and the perpetual craziness of the club just sounds really fun.

Mion and Shion:
As I mentioned in my prompts, one of my favourite aspects of Higurashi is the identity porn between Mion and Shion! Especially how hopelessly complicated it got. Mion being happy and Shion being sad and the way that simple concept influences both of them so much is something I wish was explored even more than it already was! So I would love anything that deals with the messed-up identity issues they have. What makes Mion Mion, and what makes Shion Shion? An exploration of all their complicated feeling towards one another and their own identity and their mutual friends and especially their family would be really great.

 Mion taking over the Sonozaki family and dealing with family politics and the existence of Shion making things awkward would also be really cool! I’ve always wondered how she was going to deal with being head of the family, especially with her loyalty to her sister. What about the darker aspects of her family, like torture and kidnapping? How do Mion and Shion deal with it? And, in a very grudgy way, I always wished to see a scene where Mion and Shion reveal their switch-up to the Sonozaki family, and how their family (especially their grandma) react, and start treating them differently (or don’t). An AU where they didn’t switch places, and how different (or similar?) they would be is also something I’m curious about.

I also would absolutely not object to messed up confusing Mion/Shion incest.

­And, more generally, you can’t go wrong with a “[Character] remembers the cycles!” fic. I really like the idea of repeating cycles and interesting time things in general, and I just really like the idea of the character(s) remembering everything that happened in the cycles. How do they deal with what they’ve done and what they’ve watched their friends do? One of my favourite scenes is Rena and Keiichi’s rooftop fight – I’d love to see them react to that. Or Shion dealing with everything she’d done, especially to her sister.

Ships: Rena/Keiichi, Shion/Mion, Rena/Mion, Rena/Keiichi/Mion

Red vs. Blue

Ah, Red vs Blue. I chose ‘Any’ on these because for this fandom it’s very hard to disappoint me. I adore all the characters here. Fics that explore the characters’ past in more detail would be nice. How much did Tex remember of her Freelancer days in seasons 1-5? What was her mindset like in S10? How much did Carolina know about Tex and what she came from, and how did she spend the years everyone thought she was dead? How did she deal with Sigma when he was in her head? How did Sister live after Grif left to join the army? A darkly comical look at the many disturbing themes in her life might be fun! How did CT get involved with the Insurrectionists? Would she still have joined if she’d remained on the leaderboard? And how did South get so bitter towards everything? What would she have been like if she’d gotten an AI?

 Of course, bonding fics or AUs would also be really cool, as well as case fics or even fun tropey fics. Anything would be awesome!

 No matter how many times I rewatch RvB, Tex still manages to make me emotional. Her storyline is just so sad, and I like her so much. Her quest to find out who she is, especially in S8 and S10, combined with the relative straight-forwardness of her character of S1-5 is something I can never get enough of. One thing I’m endlessly curious about is this: how much did she remember? The way she treats Church at the end of S10 and at the beginning of S1 is, different. Plus, whenever Church alludes to their past (her being a lying, cheating, stealing girlfriend), she never seems to dispute him. Does she remember and is just pretending not to? Did the Freelancers somehow make her forget? Does she remember glimpses and pieces? What really happened in between S10 and S1? And for that matter, how did she feel in S10, trying to track down Church with her Freelancer allies? Anything with Tex would be awesome, because Tex is such a badass, complex person.

 Carolina’s growing obsession with Text in S9 and S10 ruins her life. How did she feel during that? How much did she really know about Tex, and Tex’s connection to her mother?  How did her level of knowledge affect how she interacted with Tex, or with the Director? I really enjoyed Carolina’s character, even if I sometimes hated the decisions she made or how she let her envy and perfectionism affect her. How did she deal with Sigma in her head? Would he have eventually corrupted her just like he corrupted Maine? Additionally, it’s worth noting that Sigma is a fragment of a copy of her father, and they probably both knew that. How did that work? And what did happen in between S9 and S10 for her? How did being ‘dead’ work out for her?

 Sister doesn’t get as many fics these days, which really sucks because she’s so cool! (#SisterForSeason12) Her brashness and the way it makes everyone go WTF is absolutely perfect. So I’d love something about her! She said that she joined the army because she missed Grif – so how did she deal after he left? What were her adventures like? Speaking of, how did she go through basic training? That must have been interesting. It might be fun to have a black comedy type story where she goes through her daily life! Or, if you like, go more serious! How did she deal with her drug addiction, her many abortions, falling under the ice, staying under for three hours and coming up pregnant...There is no shortage of things that would be fun to read about Sister, let’s be honest.

 I liked CT when I thought she was a man in S7, then when I thought she was a woman in S7, then in S9 as she rebelled, and then even in S10 when I realized it wasn’t her that I liked in S7 but too late, I loved her anyway (which ended badly for me). (so AU where she survives, maybe?) I really like how CT was really the only one who noticed the way the Freelancers program was missed up, and not only that, she tried to change it. So how did she get involved with the Insurrectionists anyway? How did she go from being a disgruntled soldier to a full-out double agent rebel? Was she friends with the other Freelancers, and if so, how did her growing mistrust of them affect her relationships? And finally, it’s implied that her discontent started when she realized that the Director really only cared about those on the leaderboard. If she was just slightly better, and remained securely in the top 8, would she still have rebelled? Or would she have happily remained? Anything about CT and her choices would be fantastic.

 Ah, South. She is a really interesting character, even if her storyline is steeped with tragedy and recklessness. How did she grow so bitter and jealous, especially towards her brother? Was she always like that, or was there a time where she was happier? If the latter, what changed for her? I like to imagine that she was the one who wanted to join the military, and North followed her to keep her safe, which only made the jealousy worse. How did her feelings change for him as her resentment grew? I think one of the turning points for her character was not getting an AI, which solidified all of the bitterness she was already feeling into something dangerous. So what would she have been like if she had gotten an AI? Would she have gotten better? Or worse?

...Looking back at these character section, it feels like all I’ve done is ask questions. That’s because there’s so much to explore with these characters, and I want it all! If you don’t want to do any of these particular things, that’s fine too. I’d be more than happy with a fic where the Freelancers go on a mission, or something like a lawyers!AU, or Sister becomes a Freelancer AU, or really anything.

Ships: Oh man. Any permutation of Church/Tex/Tucker, Tex/Carolina, South/Carolina, South/North, South/Maine, South/Wash, CT/Leader, CT/Carolina, Sister/Everyone, Carolina/Maine, Carolina/Church...Anything, really.


I think all the characters in this show are super adorable.  I’d be happy with any fic focusing on Team RWBY! I love Ruby and Yang’s relationship, so anything exploring that would be cool. Pre-canon shenanigans? Them going on a mission? What do they fight about? Anything about Ruby and Yang’s sisterly relationship would be great. Otherwise, some Team RWBY ensemble fic would be awesome! How do they learn to fight and live together? Does anyone ever find out about Blake reading Ninjas of Love? How do they go about their classes? What do they do for fun? Weiss and Ruby trying to get along would be fun too – and if that develops into Weiss/Ruby, I’d be very pleased.  Anything about Blake’s past, and how she reconciles it with her present, would be great too!

This is one of my newer fandoms, and I am super pumped for it. It’s just so cute! If you matched me on something else and don’t have any ideas, this would be a great fandom to pick up. RWBY is a webseries  over here with fairly short episodes and only one season, so it shouldn’t take up too much time. And it’s a great show! Cool animation, fun writing, cute character designs, interesting setting...I like it all.

I’ll be happy about fic with any or all of Team RWBY. I’ve mentioned in my prompt that I would love ensemble fic; that’s because I’m endlessly fascinated by the way they interact and how they all come to work together. If you could write a story about the progression of their relationship from getting to know each to a true team, that would be great! Anything from sharing-a-room shenanigans to team projects to missions that suddenly turn serious. An AU where the leader was someone other than Ruby might be interesting too. How would the team dynamics shift?

 After the reveal at the end of the season, I’d love to see a story exploring Blake. What was she like as a child, where she was more passionate and involved in the cause? What about her growing discontent with the way things were turning out? What caused her to finally leave? And when she joined the academy, how did she grow accustomed to it? It must’ve been hard, going from faunus rebel to innocent student. How did the transition go? And, less seriously, Blake reads Ninjas of Love. I’d love to learn more about that. Does she write fanfiction? Blake in fandom would be really fun!

 My favourite might be Yang, though, because I just really like her style – her temper combined with her easygoing-ness. I also really enjoy her and Ruby’s relationship! They seem to be super close. I’m sure we’ll eventually learn more of their backstory in canon, but if you’re not afraid of being Jossed, it’d be really interesting to see them growing up together. They seem like great friends, but I’m sure they’ve fought sometimes. What was their worst fight? Their silliest? Them going on a mission together would be interesting too, because I’d love to see the way they synchronize and who would do what. If they were in a sticky spot, would Yang tell Ruby to stay back? What if they disagreed on which way to go? And so on.

 I also have a soft spot for Weiss/Ruby, both shippy and non-shippy. Throughout watching the show, I found that I really enjoyed watching them fight. Neither of them are bad people, even if a little immature or selfish, and so their constant arguing was a real clash of personalities that was hurtful on both sides. Still, that made their eventual reconciliation all the sweeter! I would really like a story about them trying to get along, but their fundamental personality differences and respective life experience making it difficult for them to understand each other. Which...I know is basically canon, but that dynamic just hits all the right notes for me.

And, in general, I really like the worldbuilding of the canon. I’d love a fic about any of the girls getting to know their powers – did their powers manifest when they were young? What shenanigans did they get into? How hard did they train for them? Seriously, how did Ruby learn how to wield such a huge scythe? And so on.

Ships: Ruby/Weiss, Blake/Yang, Yang/Weiss